How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Dumpster you ask?

The national average cost of a dumpster rental is $496, with prices ranging from $210 to $1,379. There are five major factors that can raise or lower the base price of a roll off container rental, including:

  • Location/Area – Dumpster rental prices vary based on local disposal fees, fuel costs, regional regulations and demand. In addition, our flat rates always include taxes, which vary by location. For example, it’s likely to cost much more to rent a dumpster in Los Angeles than it would in a small Midwest suburb, due to container availability and landfill laws in California increasing disposal costs.
  • Dumpster Size – Roll off dumpsters are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 10 to 40 cubic yards, and the size you need depends on how much debris you have.
  • Junk/Waste Type – Disposal costs depend largely on the types of material being thrown away, as haulers must take items such as household junk, landscaping debris or construction waste to different landfills and processing facilities.
  • Junk Weight – Landfills charge disposal costs based on the tonnage of debris. So, it’s important to make sure the weight of your debris doesn’t exceed your dumpster’s weight limit.
  • Rental Time Period (# of days) – The amount of time you keep the dumpster on-site is another factor bundled into the cost. The standard rental period is typically 5-10 days, though it varies across markets, and this is included in your upfront cost. Keeping the bin on-site past your rental period will impact the final price of your dumpster rental.

Though dumpster rental prices primarily vary by location and size, the type and weight of your debris or junk type are just as important as they will determine what size dumpster you need. Your project’s timeline may also determine the total cost of your dumpster rental, especially if you will need your bin for longer than the length of the included rental period. 

What Makes Our Dumpster Rentals Budget-Friendly you ask?

We provide cheaper dumpster rentals throughout the country but with simple terms and flat-rate pricing as well! The rate we quote you will always include your delivery, pickup, weight limit, rental period and any applicable taxes – allowing you to find an affordable dumpster rental that fits your budget.

Lets Compare the Difference Between Flat-Rate and Variable Dumpster Rental Prices now…

Depending on what dumpster company you’re working with, it can be tricky to tell how much it actually costs to rent a dumpster upfront. Dumpster rental costs vary based on several factors, but Dumpster Rentals makes your price transparent from the start. Where variable-rate pricing leaves the possibility of costs adding up throughout your rental, our flat-rate pricing shows the total cost of your dumpster rental upfront. Below, we break down the differences between a typical flat-rate and variable-rate invoice.

Our Flat-Rate Dumpster Rental Invoice Example…

Our flat rates bundle your rental period, delivery, pickup and any applicable taxes into one low price upfront. This rate also includes a set weight limit, typically ranging from 1 to 6 tons, depending on the size of the dumpster. Because the weight limit is built into the cost of your dumpster rental, you can often throw out more debris without paying extra.

A Variable-Rate Dumpster Rental Invoice

Companies that offer variable rates tend to include a variety of additional fees in their invoices, including separate charges for the rental and landfill disposal. This type of pricing may appear more transparent at first, but it obscures the full cost of your dumpster rental, as it isn’t always clear how much you’ll be charged after they haul it away. 

For example, dumpster companies with variable-rate invoices could quote an initial rental cost of $190 to you, but after adding in these additional fees, your rental often ends up being more expensive than the flat-rate price from Dumpster Rentals would have been.

Variable-rate dumpster rental pricing isn’t necessarily more expensive – however, it can throw a wrench into your project’s budget when you’re not aware of all rental costs from the start.

Will Renting a Dumpster Ever Cost More Than the Flat Rate?

Our goal is to provide you with affordable dumpster rentals with simple pricing and terms. We take the time to fully understand the size and scope of your project, ensuring you receive the right roll off containers at a price that works for you. 

Our flat rates will always cover the five pricing factors discussed upfront. Occasionally, you may incur additional fees, but only if you exceed your rental terms. For example, going over the dumpster’s weight limit will result in a per-ton overage fee, and keeping the bin on-site for longer than the stated rental period will result in a flat daily rate. These potential overage fees are transparent from the start, so you can factor them into your budget as well. In addition, empty-and-return service is a great option for jobs requiring multiple bins over an extended period of time. 

Whether you’re building a new high-rise downtown or simply cleaning out your garage this weekend, get in touch with our team and we’ll get you started with a complete cost breakdown of your dumpster rental.

Video on why customers love our Flat Simple Pricing…